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Components and Service level of Radda MCH-FP Centre

It has five main components: 

  • MCH-FP services
  • Community Health services
  • Training & Research
  • Radda Paramedic Institute
  • Radda Physiotherapy Centre

Service Levels

 MCH-FP service delivery takes place at three levels

± The Centre (static clinics)

± The outreach sites including UDC (satellite clinics) Wards 2,3,5, 8 &15

± The households-(community)

 Working Time of the clinics

 The routine working hours of the clinics are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on all days except Friday, Saturday & Government holidays.

 ·         But the clinic at section-10 remains open on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m on trial basis
 ·         Radda MCH-FP Centre and ICDDR, B joint collaborative project on “Day Care Based Management of Severe Pneumonia” remains open 7 days a week including holidays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Management of Radda MCH-FP Centre

The Radda MCH-FP Centre Trust is responsible for the overall management of the Centre. A six member Board of Trustees comprising of health professionals and social workers committed to address the primary health care needs of the rapidly increasing population of the urban poor and the slum dwellers. The Board of Trustees meets at least once every quarter but the individual members are available for consultation, technical advice and guidance whenever needed.

 Day to day operations and management of the Centre is the responsibility of the Management Committee headed by the Programme Manager. The Management Committee includes all the heads of the departments.

 Staff Position of Radda MCH-FP Centre

MCH-FP Programme


Community Health  Programme


Training and Research Programme


Radda-Concern Projet (IUNP)


Radda-Concern-icddr,b RUTF Project

Administration & Accounts Department


Radda Paramedic Institute



 Services delivery at Radda MCH-FP Centers:

 2 Comprehensive Reproductive Health cares

 a)      Antenatal care with Tetanus Toxoid (T.T.)

b)      Postnatal care with vitamin-A for lactating mothers.

c)      Health and nutrition education for women and their family members at the clinics and household level.

d)      Treatment & management of RTIs and STDs.

e)      Family planning motivation, counseling and provision of contraceptives to the eligible couples.

f)        Tetanus Toxoid (T.T.) vaccination of women aged 15-49 years.

g)      General treatment to the women of all age groups.

h)      Supervision and monitoring of trained Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) for safe home deliveries through regular monthly meeting and refreshers courses.

i)        Advocacy & Counseling on prevention of HIV/AIDS, RTI & STD.

j)        Promotion of breastfeeding.

k)      Provision of Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) care services

l)        Treatment of general ailments

m)    Supporting all government health service  initiatives

 2 Child health


a)      Growth monitoring of children aged 0-5 years.

b)      Nutrition rehabilitation of the third degree malnourished children aged

      5 years at the nutrition rehabilitation unit of the Centre.

c)      Immunization against 7 communicable diseases including Government supplied Hepatitis-B vaccine for below 1 year baby. Hepatitis A & B vaccine for all age group, Hib vaccine for children aged 0-1 year and Typhoid for 0-5 years, MMR, Chicken pox and AR vaccine for all age group

d)      Curative care for the children of 0-5 year’s age.

e)      Treatment for Vitamin A and other micro nutrient deficiencies among the children aged below 5 years.

f)        Treatment of common ailments of  children between the ages of 6-18years.

 2 Community Health Programme

a)      Provision of contraceptives for eligible couples and Counseling on family planning

b)      Awareness development on prevention of STI and HIV/AIDS.

c)      Promotion of breast-feeding.

d)      BCC activities at the community level.

e)      Supportive static and satellite clinics.

f)        Adolescent Reproductive Health services and counseling

g)      Contact and communicates with TBA for the improvement of their home delivery Performance.

h)      Meeting with Community Development Forum (CDF)

i)        Health check-up for daycare centers; Shishubikash Kendra, schools etc.

j)        Planning with Community Development Forum

k)      Emergency Medical support (available during working time of the clinics)

l)        Capacity building training for CDF members

m)    Nutrition oriented Cooking demonstration at the community level

n)      Demonstration of gardening both individual and institutional level for supplemental nutrition

o)      Seed distribution among the community mothers for homestead gardening.

p)      Practice of maintaining Food Diversity Diary (FDD)

q)      Day observation, organization of display/show/fair and rally on different events

 2 Support Services

A. Diagnostic services

The Centre has pathological laboratories at 3 main static clinics where a number of lab investigations are done as per need of the clients, which includes Clinical pathology, Biochemistry and Hematology. Pathological services are also provided to the clients of other satellite clinics by the laboratories of the static clinics.

 B. Sonogram

Facility is available at two of its static clinics at Mirpur section No-10 and section No-1.

 C. Non EPI vaccines available are Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-A, Hib, Typhoid, MMR,  Chicken pox  and Ante Rebies Vaccine (ARV). These vaccines are available from the  static clinics.

 D. Pharmacy

The Centre has 3 drug stores at the 3 main static clinics. The drug stores have almost all essential medicines required for the treatment of the clients.

 Partners: GoB,Plan International and ICDDR,B                                                                 

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